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duo querhorn
Johannes Hustedt – flutes | Chai Min Werner – alphorn & gong

Chai Min Werner and Johannes Hustedt love to turn the sound into an experience through the fascinating interaction of their instruments. Their repertoire ranges from classics like J. S. Bach or W. A. Mozart to alpine music and works by contemporary composers.

In addition, duo querhorn creates music from the moment. The listener becomes part of surprising sound paintings that make the duo a colorful experience. "A moving evening" and an "impressive sound atmosphere" - so the press about the two "outstanding musicians" who are in demand in the music scene. They were guests at the chamber concerts of the Baden-Baden Philharmonic, DAS FEST Karlsruhe, the Hohenloher Kultursommer, Kultursommer Nordhessen, the Internationale Bachakademie Stuttgart and in the SWR tv show "Kaffe oder Tee". Concert tours have taken duo querhorn to Switzerland, Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, the USA, South America, Georgia and the Mediterranean. The duo expands to include guitar, harp, piano, organ, accordion or strings as needed.

In 2022 KREISRUND.media produced an artistic TV documentary about duo querhorn, directed by Magdalena Adugna. In the same year the duo was accepted into the ensemble sponsorship of the German Music Council and NEUSTART KULTUR. Also in 2022, the ecological concert formats of duo querhorn were repeatedly awarded with the “Green Event BW” by the state of Baden-Württemberg.


Alphorn and flute are excellently combined, carrying and yet floating in lightness.
Badisches Tagblatt

The music by Johannes Hustedt, flute, and Chai Min Werner, alphorn, which is rarely heard in such a formation, was deeply moving. If one usually associates the sound of the alphorn with high mountain idyll and folklore in the glowing of the Alpes, the solemn melodies of this music open the senses and broaden the horizon.
Badisches Tagblatt

"The deep, full tone of the alphorn - made of coniferous wood over three metres long - and the lightly airy, bright runs on the flute, resulted in a unique contrast. A moving evening." Pforzheimer Zeitung

Pleasant melody lines
Badische Neueste Nachrichten

The improvisation, in which the musicians provided proof of their great class, aroused great enthusiasm. Acher-Rench-Zeitung

Doku-movie duo querhorn

Producted by: KREISRUND.media
Directing: Magdalena Adugna

SWR Television:
Performance at the TV-Show "Kaffee oder Tee"
part 1 | part 2 | part 3

CD duo querhorn_divers & friends

Animato 2023, duo querhorn_divers

CD Trailer ...

duo querhorn_divers & friends

Johannes Hustedt – flute 
Chai Min Werner – alphorn
& friends:
Susanne Keck – bassoon
Roman Rothen – double bass
Karin Schnur – harp
Christoph Obert – accordion
and Markus Herzer – piano

Works by Händel, Mozart and Beethoven in a new garment, added with music from the
Alpes, Jazz, Balkan-Grooves, spiced with some atmospher - dreamy, happy, creative and a lot more...

CD duo querhorn & harp

Animato 2016 , Trio Aperto
CD Trailer ...

Trio Aperto

Johannes Hustedt – flute 
Chai Min Werner – alphorn
Stephanie Wunsch geb. Kopf – harp

Works by Felix Mendelssohn, Carl Nielsen, Jules Mouquet, Alfred Leonz Gassmann, Béla Bartók, Carlos Salzedo, Etienne Isoz, Jean Daetwyler, Siegmund Schmidt, Hans-Jürg Sommer, Pascal Jugy a. o. 

CD duo querhorn with viola and 10string guitar
cs records 2014, AVANCE Quartett
CD Trailer ...

Siegmund Schmidt

Music for flute | viola | guitar | alphorn

AVANCE Quartett
Johannes Hustedt – flute
Carolin Kriegbaum – viola 
Andreas Hiller – 10string guitar 
Chai Min Werner – alphorn

Works by Siegmund Schmidt

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